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What we offer

What does the NFLA have to offer?

NFLA partners currently offer recognized Fitness Leader Certification/Accreditation training in a variety of group and individual specialties such as:

  • Group Fitness (with specialized designations such as cycling, portable equipment, mind/body, choreography, step)
  • Strength/Resistance Exercise
  • Aquatic Exercise
  • Older Adult Exercise
  • Modules for special populations, such as children and older adults
  • Adapted Fitness
  • Individual Fitness/Personal Training
  • Trainer of Fitness Leaders
  • Evaluator of Fitness Leaders
  • Supervisor of Fitness Leaders

The NFLA partners also provide the following to their current Fitness Leaders:

  • Transferability of certification to all NFLA partners
  • Listing on NFLA partners Provincial central registry
  • Professional development / Workshop opportunities and discounts
  • Ongoing communication, such as newsletters, industry focused magazine
  • Resource libraries
  • Access to professional networks
  • Merchant discount programs
  • Notification of recognized workshops.
  • Wallet cards/certificates
  • Workshop guides

NFLA accredited professionals are recognized in regions across 4 continents, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Australia.