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Offering An AFLCA Course

Things to Consider

Type of Course

Course Descriptions
Course Applications

Length (minimum hours)
  • Exercise Theory – 24 hours (Exercise Theory is the prerequisite to Specialty courses)
  • Group Exercise Fundamentals – 12 hours
  • Group Exercise Designation courses are 8 hours (Mind/Body 16 hours minimum)
  • Resistance Exercise, Aquatic Exercise, Fitness for the Older Adult courses – 20 hours
Community and facility needs for certified leaders

Is there a need or demand for a certain specialty or class you wish to offer?


Candidates completing the Group Exercise specialty are required to complete at least one Designation. Group Exercise Fundamentals can be offered in conjunction with a Designation course or can be offered separately.

  • Classroom, gym, pool or weight room bookings depending on the course needs

Course Planning

  1. Hire an AFLCA Trainer to facilitate
  2. Schedule the course
    * Set dates/times
    * Develop budget
    * Discuss course agenda with Trainer (Trainer can provide agenda for online application)
    * Administrative needs: facility requirements, equipment, copying, etc.
  3. Complete the appropriate online course application
  4. Once approved, advertise the course
  5. Process course registrations
  6. Order AFLCA Manuals / Materials – Required for each course participant. (Bulk manual purchases can be made through the online store)

NoteAFLCA will advertise your course once approved under the appropriate course listing

Need an AFLCA Trainer, Assistant Trainer or CFT Examiner?

AFLCA Trainers are qualified to run AFLCA courses. Trainers and Assistant Trainers provide Practical Assessments and CFT Examiners administer Practical Exams.

AFLCA Trainers, Assistant Trainers & CFT Examiners

Manual Costs

  • Exercise Theory $40.00
  • Group Exercise $70.00
  • Resistance Exercise $60.00
  • Aquatic Exercise $60.00
  • Fitness for the Older Adult $60.00