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AFLCA Online Exams

Online Exam Registration

The AFLCA has partnered with Yardstick Measure to deliver proctored, secure online exams. All AFLCA exams are online to ensure access, security and ease for AFLCA candidates.

*AFLCA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer online exams will be available soon, please check back for updates.

Eligibility Requirements

To write an AFLCA exam you must have completed an AFLCA Certification Course and provide the course reference number from the course or meet the challenge exam requirements.

Register & Schedule Exam

All exam registrations are available for purchase through the Marketplace online store.

  • Online Exam Registration
  • You will need your AFLCA certification course reference number or challenge documents and approval letter to register for initial exams.
  • All registrations are verified by the AFLCA office and once verified, you’ll receive an email from Yardstick Measure to schedule the date and time of your exam.
System Requirements

Perform equipment checks prior to scheduling the exam and on the day of the exam to make sure your system meets minimum requirements. Please note, the ProctorU extension can NOT be downloaded until the day of the exam.

Special Accommodations

The AFLCA is committed to accessibility, and will arrange independent exam sittings when required.

  • Independent Exam sitting-can be arranged if your system does not meet requirements, additional fees apply. Please contact the AFLCA office for pre-approval for this option.
  • For any inquires regarding special accommodations, please contact us at
Exam Results

After you have completed your exam, you will receive your results immediately

  • A passing grade of 80% is required for certification
  • If your grade does not meet passing grade, you can register for a supplemental exam through the online store.”
Exam Cancellation & Rescheduling

Cancellations and rescheduling require 48-hour notice, otherwise it’s a forfeit of the scheduled exam, booking and exam fees.

To cancel, log into your candidate profile on Measure, view Exam Lists and select the option Withdrawal.

Time Frame Policy
  • You’ll have 1 year to complete your AFLCA certification from the initial Exercise Theory exam.

Online Exam FAQ

For more information please contact us at