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We have made some adjustments to our processes to ensure the integrity of your certification as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact our community, in particular because of the course cancellations and facility closures occurring at this time. Your health is important to us and so is your professional certification status.

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Insurance for live virtual training and leading during the COVID crisis and out of Canada participants (Recent update – September 23, 2020)

We have worked with our insurer to ensure that you have coverage while you deliver virtual (live) classes. There have been some recent updates to the previously provided information.

Available for AFLCA Certified Leaders, Trainers, Assistant Trainers, and Certified Fitness Trainers

Currently certified AFLCA exercise professionals earning less than 25% of annual revenue from online/virtual leading and training

All currently certified AFLCA members will be covered by the AFLCA insurance program to engage and support online/virtual training and/or leading classes to a maximum of 25% of their annual revenues, regardless if working as an employee or contractor at no extra fee.

Currently certified AFLCA members who will be earning more than 25% of their annual revenues from online/virtual training and leading classes (no limit on revenue)

  • Coverage is available for an additional premium of $15 (includes gst and fees) – $5 million insurance coverage available for $25.
  • This coverage is valid for until March 31, 2021 with a current AFLCA certification.
  • Leaders will be required to renew their certification if their expiry date falls before March 31, 2021.
  • AFLCA certified professionals will be required to only work with existing participants/clients. Any new participants/clients must complete a PAR-Q+ and informed consent form
  • Leaders must use an online platform where participants need to login or register or by maintaining a list of all participants attending your sessions electronically or paper copy. Record keeping is important.
  • Music copyright and license rules should also be observed.

*Participants and clients living outside of Canada – AFLCA virtual insurance is valid however, there are differences and restrictions to adhere to:

- Services outside Canada must be less than 10% of total operations / revenues
– No marketing or advertising outside of Canada
– Client or participants must be existing ones from Canada, who are temporarily out of the country
– Any claim or suit has to be filed within Canada

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Beginning June 12 Indoor recreation facilities can reopen. Please adhere to CMOH-Government of Alberta guidelines.

Indoor sport, physical activity and recreation guidelinesGuidelines for Indoor sport, recreation and physical activity

Outdoor Fitness Classes during COVIDGuidelines for Outdoor Fitness Classes

Expired CPR – what to do

If you are due to certify or recertify and are not able to renew your CPR due to the current situation, AFLCA will accept your documents without CPR and will provide you with a temporary certification card. Email and you will be directed to an appropriate store product to submit your documents.
Leaders and CFTs will need to provide the updated CPR within 30 days once the health restrictions are lifted and CPR courses are available again. You will then be sent your official AFLCA certificate, insurance certificate and wallet card.

AFLCA Certification Extensions (in-process certification candidates)

- All AFLCA Certifying Leaders and CFTs will automatically be provided with a 3-month extension to their certification deadline, and the certification extension fee will be waived.

- Check our course listing for current information on cancellations and updates on AFLCA course options.


- AFLCA members due to recertify from March 31 to June 30 will be provided with a three month extension, if extra time is needed to complete your recertification requirements.

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

There have been cancellations due to AHS guidelines, and we are currently working hard with our board and our staff on alternative options for CECs. As well, we are in discussions with our regional and national partners to share leading practice and ideas.

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