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News from January 2018


January 11, 2018

Be sure to upload your profile on Fitdirectory.ca

Working with national and international partnerships, the NFLA and ICREPs .
we have developed Fitdirectory.ca as the registry for Alberta’s certified exercise professionals who meet provincial and national standards.

Who can be listed on the Fitdirectory.ca registry?

Basic requirements for the registry are:

  • Certifications are current, including up-to-date insurance, CPR and First Aid certificate.
  • Qualifications include a scope of practice and code of professional conduct.

What is a registry?

The exercise and fitness consultation industry is unregulated. There are many certifications and qualifications that provide a standard of excellence and safe, effective practice. Fitdirectory provides a means for professionals who meet that standard to be publicly listed, just as other professional organizations such as Registered Dietitians or certified accountants.