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News from December 2018

Fit Rendezvous 2019

December 31, 2018

Fit Rendezvous is organized annually by the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, and offered in Calgary (odd years) or Edmonton (even years). Each year Fit Rendezvous is attended by approximately 300 personal trainers and group exercise professionals. This year’s conference delivers sessions in a range of applied settings: aquatic, cycle, gym, lecture and studio. Sessions are hands-on, covering topics such as strength and conditioning, mind-body, corrective exercise, periodization, psychology & motivation, nutrition and more. Join us for the 27th annual Fit Rendezvous conference! The AFLCA is a non-profit association, and our mandate is to provide evidence-informed certification and professional development to Alberta and area fitness professionals.

Fit Rendezvous qualifies for AFLCA recertification credits.


Conference program pdf