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CALL for Presentations: INCITE Sessions at Perspectives

Call for Posters and Incite-ful Presentations

Ten minutes.
One Poster.
Four PP slides.


Nine minutes and fifty seconds of you, delivering your “incite-ful” research.


An enlightening verbal presentation delivered to a forum of your peers and exercise professionals who will take your ideas and research directly to practice.

The Incite-ful forum

The Incite-Ful forum is a means for you to bring your outcome-centred health and/or fitness related research, projects and programs to those who can use it: other researchers, certified exercise and fitness practitioners. Test your ideas, your oral presentation skills and be a part of the only exercise and health industry forum for researchers and professionals.

Your research should be meaningful for qualified exercise practitioners to use in their practice. Topics include (but are not limited to): Mental Health/Motivation, Exercise Prescription (cradle to grave), Physical Assessment and/or Rehabilitation, Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Literacy, Workplace Wellness.

Suggested Format:
* Slide 1 Introduction (Poster in ppt format),
* Slide 2 and 3, highlight background and/or methods,
* Slide 4 results and discussion.
* At 9 minutes and fifty seconds the hook comes out!

The Goal is to bring researchers and practitioners together to share ideas and to INCITE research into action.
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Perspectives is sponsored by the AFLCA.

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