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News from October 2015

Canadian Top Ten Finalist in International Personal Trainer competition

October 16, 2015

What Canadian exercise professional is packing for Barcelona?

Highly qualified AFLCA trainer of exercise leaders, cycle, aquatic, older adult, group exercise, portable equipment, resistance and personal trainer, the woman behind the “Why I Move”:http://www.whyimove.com/ project, Lisa Workman is a top ten finalist in the international Personal Trainer To Watch competition.

Sponsored by US-based Life Fitness, ICREPs and other international fitness organizations, Workman will be competing with 9 other finalists from around the world in Barcelona in October.

It’s a well-earned achievement for Workman, whose community advocacy for healthy lifestyles, and hard work ethic has earned her a reputation as one of Canada’s most committed and passionate personal training and group fitness professionals.

It is also remarkable because Workman was selected as a top ten finalist in the PTTW competition, which was only open to Canadian personal trainers for the first time this year. Is this an indication of the high standard of excellence of Canada’s exercise professionals? We think so.

To be considered a finalist, entrants are required to be registered with their national registration body or meet national standards where they exist (registration and certification bodies: www.icreps.org). In Canada, the registration and standards verification body is the NFLA . Hard at work behind the scenes, the NFLA has been establishing and ratifying standards for fitness professionals since 1986 (formerly under the name NFLAC). Canadian professionals’ being qualified to enter PTTW and show the world their passion and excellence is just one of the many benefits for Canadian exercise professionals. The entire industry benefits with the increased recognition of qualifications, and promotion of ongoing education and qualifications for exercise professionals that an internationally aligned register provides.

“From Sacramento to Sweden, these Life Fitness top 10 Personal Trainers to Watch finalists come from five different countries that span the globe, but they are united in their commitment to exceptional client support and motivation, and as well as their passion for personal training,” said Chris Clawson, president of Life Fitness. “Each finalist was an inspiration to our judges, and we’re honored to recognize their outstanding achievements.”

Life Fitness defines exceptional personal trainers as those who stand out in their profession when compared to peers in their local market, in the following ways

  • They spend a majority of their professional time focused on the personal training field and working to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle
  • They not only encourage healthy lifestyles in their clients, they show results
  • They seek continuous education and look to master new innovative training technique
  • They tailor their training technique to their clients’ needs and personality
  • They can demonstrate how they support not only their clients, but their community

The NFLA, Provincial Fitness Unit, and the AFLCA have long known Workman’s excellence and leadership. We applaud her remarkable achievement and wish her an amazing journey. Buena suerte and Go Lisa Go!

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Not registered? To find out more about registration go to www.nflacanada.ca
Alberta professionals can register on Fitdirectory.ca