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News from October 2013

AFLCA Continuing Education Opportunities are Eligible for Professional Development Credits

October 28, 2013

Are you looking for opportunities to learn and earn professional development/continuing education credits to maintain your credentials?

All AFLCA continuing education opportunities are eligible for Professional Development Credits (PDCs), Continuing Education Credits (CECs), Professional Development Units (PDUs), etc. through aligned health & fitness organizations.

Click here for courses, dates and information.

Start a Career in One-on-One Fitness Training With the AFLCA

October 15, 2013

The AFLCA is very pleased to announce the development of a new certification: AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer.

This new designation is for individuals who want the opportunity to design individual exercise programs and earn credible professional accreditation to begin a career in one-on-one fitness training.

By Albertans For Alberta’s Fitness Marketplace

The AFLCA CFT certification was designed and developed by highly qualified Alberta fitness professionals specifically for Alberta’s thriving fitness industry and marketplace. The AFLCA provides a wide range of professional certifications from aquatic to mind/body exercise. With the inclusion of one-on-one fitness training certification the AFLCA is truly a standard you can build a career on.

AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer Highlights

  • Affordable professional Insurance – is a huge benefit of AFLCA membership.
  • Accessible – this designation (like all AFLCA certifications) is attainable and affordable for anyone interested in a career in fitness training.
  • Education and experience are recognized – Individuals who possess prior education and knowledge, such as AFLCA certified Resistance Training leaders and university students enrolled in related programs may challenge in to the CFT designation.

read more about how to earn the AFLCA CFT designation

AFLCA CFT announcement pdf

A standard you can trust

The AFLCA is Alberta’s longest standing not-for-profit fitness organization. Supported by the government of Alberta, Tourism Parks and Recreation, and the University of Alberta, we have been in the business of providing fitness and exercise training, standards and programming to Albertans since 1984. We have certified over 20,000 leaders, and provided thousands of active living and fitness programs to the community. Our standards are embedded in major Alberta post-secondary institutions, and we are an active member of Alberta’s leading active living stakeholder organizations. We are a founding member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance, ensuring that our standards nationally and internationally recognized.

Our goal is to provide credible, safe evidence-based standards and certification, ensuring that Albertans have a qualified pool of professionals to call on for fitness consultation and practice. From aquatics, step and resistance training, to one-on-one consultation, our certifications are truly developed to a standard that your clients can have faith in and that you can build a career on.

For more information about the AFLCA CFT, contact our education coordinator, Michelle Berg.michelle.berg@ualberta.ca

Contribute to the Alberta Sport Plan

October 4, 2013

Help shape the direction of amateur sport.

Share your priorities for amateur sport by completing the short survey at AlbertaSportPlan.ca by Friday, Oct. 11.

More than 3400 Albertans have completed the online survey, which asks people to allocate points to different categories of sport – from high performance sport to introduction to sport.

“We need to hear from Albertans so we can maximize the potential for sport to enhance our quality of life. The feedback will help us build Alberta and invest in families and communities.”

- Dr. Richard Starke, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation

The survey at AlbertaSportPlan.ca is part of a consultation to renew the Alberta Sport Plan. The updated plan will guide the Alberta government’s priorities for amateur sport in the province for the next 10 years.

At AlbertaSportPlan.ca, Albertans are asked to indicate how they would prioritize six different areas of sport:

  • physical literacy;
  • introduction to sport;
  • recreational sport;
  • competitive sport;
  • high performance sport; and,
  • sport for development.

Results from the online survey will help shape subsequent steps in the consultation, including a Sport Forum November 1–2 and a series of regional meetings with representatives from across the broad spectrum of sport.

Feedback received through all of these channels will inform the draft Alberta Sport Plan, which is expected to be available for review by all Albertans in 2014.