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News from March 2012

AFLCA Insurance Program

March 9, 2012

The AFLCA provides automatic insurance coverage with AFLCA certification and recertification. This coverage will provide $2 million personal liability insurance for all AFLCA leaders, Trainers and Assistant Trainers.


Do I have to be on this new insurance program?

Yes. It is a new benefit of membership and automatically provided with certification and re-certification.

What if I carry other insurance through another provider, such as a facility or agency?

You will have the added benefit of additional personal liability insurance. Facility coverage may be limited to that facility and its principals. The new program will cover and protect you personally.

Why is it important to have individual insurance if the facility I work at is already insured?

At the end of the day the facility (Company) will protect itself. If you are named personally in a lawsuit the Company’s insurance will not protect you or cover the defense costs required to defend you. This policy will cover and protect you personally.

What if I send my recertification documents after my membership expires?

If you send documents late your certification is expired and thus any insurance coverage is void during the period your membership has lapsed.

What if I do not have current CPR?

CPR must be current with one year from the date of issue for your insurance to be valid. Yearly updating is required.

Will I have insurance for the entire 2 years until I renew again?

Yes, the AFLCA has developed a program to provide full insurance coverage for 2 years. You will receive a certificate of insurance for the first year with your certificate and if you require the second year copy you will need to purchase the reprint through our online store ($10 fee). If not needed, you will still have insurance coverage for the full two years.

What do I have to do as an AFLCA Leader, Assistant Trainer, or Trainer to remain on the insurance program?

It’s simple! You just need to complete the recertification requirements, keep CPR updated, and remain current as an AFLCA member.

Do I need to send any documentation to the insurance company directly?

No, everything is coordinated through the AFLCA Office making it easier for you.

What if I am AFLCA certified but teach in another province?

The new AFLCA insurance program will cover you if you are teaching within Canada as long as you are working within your scope of practice and hold current certification.

Added Benefits of Certification

  • Ongoing support and professional development
  • National affiliation and transferability through the NFLA and ICREPS
  • Great discounts on Fit Rendezvous Conferences and other AFLCA events
  • Fitdirectory.ca profile
  • Access to the Provincial Fitness Unit website and job opportunities board
  • Ongoing member communication and E-newsletters
  • Access to partner resources (Nourish, Move, Thrive, Be Fit For Life)
  • Increased professional marketability and credibility
  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage
  • AFLCA Certificate and wallet card