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Marjorie O'Connor Carries Olympic Torch

This January the Olympic Torch Relay travels Alberta.

Through the grapevine, we heard that longtime AFLCA trainer and Alberta fitness guru, Marjorie O’Connor is carrying the Olympic Torch through Edmonton.

Congratulations Marjorie! The community spirit, leadership and professionalism that got you chosen for this incredible honour are qualities that we hope all of our members strive to embody.

If there are any other AFLCA or CSEP members who have been chosen to carry the Olympic Torch in Alberta, let us know! We’d be happy to hear your experiences, post a picture, and tell our members all about it.

Marjorie runs the torch along Edmonton’s 109 street and 87th avenue on January 13th. Edmonton members head out and give her your support!

Time: Approximately 5:24 pm
Starting along: 87 ave
From: Yellow fire Hydrant
To: McDonalds ( which is funny)
On: 109 street

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