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How to Plan an AFLCA Course

What’s it All About?

To respond to new trends in exercise and fitness, the AFLCA has implemented a new training model. Now, AFLCA Leaders can be certified in specific designations—and, in more than one designation. We made the change for several reasons:

  • To provide professional recognition for the expertise of AFLCA leaders
  • To improve access to AFLCA certification
  • Find ways for facilities to fill their particular needs and use their existing expertise

What Courses Can Agencies Provide?

The AFLCA will work with your facility to provide courses in any one, or any combination of the following areas:

The foundations
Fundamental knowledge course requirements for AFLCA certification:

  • Exercise Theory
  • Group Exercise Fundamentals

New areas of specialization

  • Choreography
  • Cycling
  • Step
  • Portable Equipment
  • Mind/Body

Old Standards (These courses will continue to be offered)

  • Fitness for Older Adults
  • Resistance Training
  • Aquatic Exercise

Things to Consider

  • Scheduling:
    • many facilities find that “bundling” courses is effective, for example bundling Group Exercise Fundamentals with more than one area of specialization such as cycling, and step allows leaders to get the basics, and then specialize in an area of their choice.
  • Content:
    • courses must contain AFLCA performance standards and learning objectives
  • Qualified Facilitators
    • Facilitators must have a combination of post-secondary education and experience in the area they wish to teach.


Then contact AFLCA Program Coordinator, Debbie Ponich.

Phone: 780–492-4435

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