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News from January 2009

ACSM 2009 Fitness Trends Suvery

January 23, 2009

The need for experienced, educated fitness professionals topped the American College of Sports Medicine fitness trends survey again this year. The survey, which was distributed to ACSM fitness professionals worldwide, is in its third year running. Over 1500 professionals completed the survey.

The ACSM cites an increase of educational programs, and specialty certifications, plus an increase in regulation across the industry. Here in Alberta, the provincial government passed the Alberta Health Tax Credit in November. The credit, which provides adults with up to $500 in tax credits for fitness activities, has not been made law yet, but is indicative of a growing trend in the recognition of the link between exercise and health.

Children and obesity, and proper credentialing for fitness professionals were number two and three on the list. The full article and top twenty trends can be accessed here