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Motivate Your Clients thru Christmas

‘Tis the season of the Snow Day.

It’s dark and cold and nobody wants to make their workout at the gym or even at home.
These are the days when old standby’s like “think how good you’ll feel afterwards” just don’t cut it. Don’t let your clients succumb to the temptation to ease up through the holidays.

Go against the flow.

Just like you might want to dig beyond the surface to find the meaning of Christmas, ask your clients to dig a little deeper in their workouts too. Instead of lightening the pace—jump it up a notch. Give them a challenging workout, (within their capacity) just for December. As they dig physically, they may find the strength they need to enter the new year ahead of, instead of behind, the fitness curve.

Tips to help your clients get ready for the season.

1. Exercise like it’s 2009! Get your clients to schedule their workout as a not-to-miss holiday event, just as they plan their not-to-be-missed holiday parties. Decide when and what the workout will be, with whom and of course add a fun factor. Your clients will be amazed at how easy it is to make their workouts this way. Get your clients thinking about building in time for their workouts as if they were their best holiday present—their own health and well-being.

2. Come up with Something New With the extra time your clients may have between Christmas and the New Year, get them to try something different—something they may not have considered because time was tight during the year. This may open some new doors for your clients and yourself. This new strategy or activity can carry forward into the New Year and spice up the January workouts with some of the activities that you tried over the holiday break. Memories of the fun will make the new workouts creative and unique.

3. Plan for the Season and Beyond Having a plan is better than no plan at all. Get your clients to begin their new holiday schedule sooner rather than later. They may realize that something is just not going to work and the holiday will wind up without any workout. AND, we know how tough those first few weeks in January are on clients and trainers. Starting their winter schedule now will help later. . Sure clients can deviate from the schedule – but if they don’t have a schedule – well you know what happens.

4. Enjoy That feeling before, during, and after exercise. Engage your clients to intentionally reflect on and remember those feelings. They will also remember you. Getting your clients coming back for more boosts you and your business. Give your best gift to them: your commitment to supporting their physical activity needs over the holidays.

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