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AFLCA Group Exercise Leader Certification & Policy Changes

The new AFLCA Group Exercise Leader Certification will launch September 1, 2008. Leaders will be able to be certified in specialized in areas such as: step, cycle, choreography, portable equipment, and or mind/body.

Benefits for Leaders include:

  • Greater opportunity for depth of skill and professional development
  • Increased face-to-face course hours lead by experienced industry leaders and trainers
  • Formal recognition of leaders’ specialized skills
  • Increased professional value to facilities, agencies and participants
  • A more streamlined process makes it easier to maintain certification

Benefits for Health and Fitness Facilities, and Agencies include:

  • Diverse programming opportunities to meet the needs of participants and clients
  • Group Exercise Leaders will have recognizable certification that meets the specific niche of facilities.
  • A more flexible training program will work directly to the need and capacity of facilities
  • Well trained, specialized leaders who can deliver the best level of service to clients

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