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D. Shane Hudson


  • Designation: CSEP Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT)
  • BFFL Region: Lethbridge
  • Phone: 403-795-5871
  • Email:
  • Certified: June 27, 2012
  • Specialization: Workplace Wellness
  • Areas of expertise:
    • Beginner Fitness
    • General health and fitness
    • Rehabilitation (post physio)
    • Wellness
    • Workplace Wellness
    • Youth


I am currently a Master’s Student at the University of Lethbridge. I am developing ways to design and implement occupational fitness strategies for agricultural occupations. Right now I have a specific focus on seasonal agricultural workers. Adapting sport-specific models to the agricultural environment is a key to successfully training agricultural workers for their “athletic” season.

In the coming months, expect two things from me. 1) Journal publications of the research I have been conducting, and 2) An opportunity for your business to have healthier more injury resistant employees, through a new initiative called “Industrial Athletica: Workplace Wellness Solutions”. Feel free to contact me on how to improve your business health.


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