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Jeff Osadec


  • Designation: CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP)
  • BFFL Region: Calgary
  • Phone: 403-990-1009
  • Web:
  • Email:
  • Certified: August 28, 2010
  • In business since: September 1, 2005
  • Specialization: Athletic Training
  • Areas of expertise:
    • Counseling
    • General health and fitness
    • Mind body
    • Sport performance


Jeff took a long road of post secondary education, developmental courses and hands on, practical experience; all in the effort to answer why and how physical changes occur to the body and his development of a holistic approach to training…and how to do it more effectively. Originally from Manitoba, Jeff moved to Calgary in 2005 after successfully completing an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Manitoba and two previous undergraduate degrees from Brandon University (Bachelor of General Studies ’00; Bachelor of Education ’02).

Jeff began his strength coaching career at the Talisman Centre for Sport and Wellness, North America’s second largest health and fitness facility as part of the Athletic Performance Enhancementteam. There, Jeff focused on the training and conditioning for all athletic and sport related athletes, from young developing athletes to professionals.

In 2007, Jeff began his Masters Degree at the University of Calgary. While there, he was an associate strength coach and physiologist for the Canadian Sports Centre and strength coach for the University of Calgary Dinos Developmental Swimming Club. Part of his role during the degree was the development of a non-invasive field test for determining muscle fibre type in athletes. Jeff completed his Masters in Kinesiology in 2009.

At the present moment, Jeff can be found training at Peak Power Sport Development (, where he works as a strength consultant and exercise physiologist. Jeff is also a strength consultant for the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team based in Canmore, Alberta. As well, Jeff is currently lecturing at the University of Calgary in the Kinesiology department teaching the laboratory portion of the Exercise Physiology course for the undergraduate students.

Jeff has completed the Exercise Coach course, through the Institute for Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology in San Diego, California, demonstrating the skills and knowledge to design and implement personalized exercise programs that incorporate traditional exercise with mind-body exercises. As an Exercise Coach, Jeff utilizes a series of assessments used to identify core and autonomic nervous system dysfunctions, which insures the accurate assessment of even the most complex clients and leads to the development of a scientifically sound program to achieve exceptional results.

Jeff is also a Holistic Life Coach (Level 2) trained in basic, holistic and performance nutrition where he aims to educate how disease and stress are preventable through healthy eating habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise with the understanding why every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has positive and negative consequences.

He is also a Level 1 CrossFit coach.


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