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GEL Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine which designation I should choose?

Assess the current class or classes you teach and determine what the primary purpose of the class is. For example, if the class is predominately a choreographed class with a small amount of equipment being used, it would fall under the Choreography designation. If it is a step class with some mind body visualization, than it would fall under the Step designation.

If I choose a step designation and choreography designation may I still use some equipment in my classes, or do I need to take the portable equipment designation as well?

The designations are designed to be representative of the majority of the content of the classes you teach; they do not exclude leaders from adding smaller elements to their classes. If you teach a choreography-based class with a relaxation mind/body component, for example, you would not need to have the mind/body designation as it is not the essence of the class.

Is this going to cost leaders more money?

No, the recertification fee is the same—a flat rate of $140.00 regardless of the number of designations a leader holds. The new policies require one less practical assessment required therefore it will save leaders those costs.

Will I require a practical assessment in each designation that I have?

No, only one practical assessment is required. If you have designations in step, cycle and portable equipment you can choose which class you would like to have observed.

Will I be certified under the designation area?

No. You are certified in Group Exercise, with one or more designation listed on the certificate. All leaders will need to choose at least one area of designation. Leaders will be certified under Group Exercise.

What if I teach unique classes which do not seem to fit under the new model (i.e. Karate, specialized dance, etc.)?

Again, refer to the scope of activity information to determine the main purpose of this class to assign your designation accordingly. You may also have other training, outside of the AFLCA for the specialized classes you teach which covers those areas. Please contact us if you need help with this.

If I have more than one designation do all go onto one certificate or do I received a certificate for each area?

You will receive one Group Exercise certification and all of your designations listed.

What if I want to obtain a new designation?

You need to attend an approved course and complete the certification requirements for that designation.