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Fitness Informer Enews Articles

Fitness Informer articles will be included in our E-news bulletin!

Our goal it to ensure our members’ are provided with useful and evidence informed information on a regular basis to enhance their understanding of the industry and to apply theory into practice.

Interested in writing? Share your expertise!

We are looking for high-quality, research or applied articles for our community of over 2,000 exercise professionals. If you are a qualified exercise professional, researcher or practitioner and would like to contribute your expertise to the community please send your idea or article of 800–1500 words to

Photos, images must be 300 dpi and sent in jpg file format. The Provincial Fitness Unit reserves the right to edit copy.

Fitness Informer Article Review for CECs

We have brought back the article review for CECS as an option to assist leaders and CFTs during this time.

Articles in the series 1:

• Lighting up the Butt (Gluteal Amnesia)
• Please Release Me
• Developing Interoceptive Awareness to support Fitness Outcomes

Articles in series 2:

• Does Flexibility Aid in Injury Prevention?
• The Neuroendocrine Response to Exercise: A few Basics and a Focus on Cortisol
• Avoiding Hip Injuries in Yoga

Read three research based articles and complete a related exam to obtain 2 AFLCA Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Information within the articles is intended to be used by exercise professionals when instructing exercise classes or working with clients.

Worth: 2 AFLCA Continuing Education Credits
Upon completion you will access a Certificate of Completion listing the credits.

Cost: $30 + gst