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Fitness Informer Education Articles for CECs

We have brought back this option to assist leaders and CFTs during this time. There are two options to choose from.

Articles in series 1:

• Lighting up the Butt (Gluteal Amnesia)
• Please Release Me
• Developing Interoceptive Awareness to support Fitness Outcomes

Articles in series 2:

• Does Flexibility Aid in Injury Prevention?
• The Neuroendocrine Response to Exercise: A few Basics and a Focus on Cortisol
• Avoiding Hip Injuries in Yoga

Read three research based articles and complete a related exam to obtain 2 AFLCA Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Information within the articles is intended to be used by exercise professionals when instructing exercise classes or working with clients.

Worth: 2 AFLCA Continuing Education Credits
Upon completion you will access a Certificate of Completion listing the credits.

Cost: $30 + gst