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For Fitness Facilities / Become an AFLCA Training Agency

Interested in becoming an AFLCA Training Agency? Join over 200 Fitness agencies who are!

Simply offer and run AFLCA certification courses throughout the year.

Courses include:

  • Exercise Theory
  • Group Exercise Fundamentals & Designation courses (Choreography, Step, Cycle, Portable Equipment, Mind Body)
  • Aquatic Exercise
  • Resistance Exercise
  • Fitness for the Older Adult

Running AFLCA Certification Courses

More About AFLCA


  • AFLCA Support
  • First opportunity to assess and hire new AFLCA Certified Fitness Leaders and Certified Fitness Trainers
  • Fit Directory access
  • Agency Enews
  • Access to fitness and exercise related articles
  • Access to Events:
    -Fit Rendezvous Conference
    -Perspectives in Exercise, Health & Fitness Conference
    -AFLCA Train the Trainer & Assistant Trainer Course
    -AFLCA Fitness Inspiration Workshops
    -Training L.A.B. Workshops
  • Professional Resources – Online Store
  • Access to Job Opportunities web site section
  • Access to AFLCA Trainers & Assistant Trainers