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AFLCA Recertification

AFLCA Members are required to re-certify their membership every two years in order to maintain membership status and to have insurance coverage.

AFLCA Insurance

  • Upon recertification, leaders will have automatic Personal Liability insurance coverage for $2 million.
  • Certified AFLCA leaders must practice within the scope of practice and hold current CPR Certification (valid within 1 year of the date of issue), for insurance coverage to be valid.
  • For additional insurance information click here

Become an AFLCA Trainer

Enhance your career give back to the industry and create another revenue stream for yourself.

AFLCA Expired Leader Survey

Expired Leader Survey

Need an AFLCA Trainer, Assistant Trainer or CPFT Examiner?

AFLCA Trainers are qualified to run AFLCA courses. Trainers and Assistant Trainers provide Practical Assessments and CPFT Examiners administer Practical Exams.

AFLCA Trainers, Assistant Trainers & CPFT Examiners