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AFLCA Education Series Online

AFLCA is excited to offer these professional development workshops designed to help you stay engaged and up to date with new information, research, and industry trends.

Worth: 2 or 3 AFLCA Credits
Cost: $45 AFLCA members, $55 Non-AFLCA +Gst

Online Workshops

November 15 – Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes: How Corrective Exercise Can Promote Better Movement and Injury Prevention – Lisa Workman – 3 CECs (12:30–3:30 pm)

Join Lisa for an enlightening, head to toes discussion of how to help your participants move better through corrective exercise. Benefiting from your keen eyes, active listening skills, verbal cueing and expert knowledge, your participants will gain insight into how their bodies can function well to prevent injury and/or return to exercise post-injury. This workshop will review major muscles, joints, and their actions to ensure you are ready to help your participants succeed.

November 22 – Mindfulness Stretching – Lana Asuchak -3 CECs (12:30–3:30 pm)

Stretching and moving mindfully throughout the day is key for long-term health and happier bodies. It helps improve overall flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, balance and postural awareness, plus you will look young and feel vibrant at any age! Lana will provide a variety of rhythmical stretching and mindfulness techniques that can be easily incorporated into your workout routines and help you throughout the day. Learn how to integrate bands and bodyweight to move your body in a multi-planar and mindful way. With increased breath and body awareness, walk away with tools to assist you to be more focused and present in every moment.

December 5 – Choreography Madness – Robin O’Grady – 2 CECs (9:30 – 11:30 a.m.)

Dance your way into this amazing class full of insane energy and teachable choreography. This session will focus on the layers and how to mix, match and create new choreography so your class is always fresh. In this session you will learn how the final product and the breakdown come together. We will play with Bollywood and Afro Brazilian dance styles along with everyone’s favourite hi-lo moves! Bring your energy and your dancing shoes, this will be incredible!  

December 17 – Yoga for Stress – Simone Hodgkinson – 2 CECs (6:30 – 8:30 p.m.)

In this session you will experience guided relaxation techniques and yoga poses that will calm excess energy, soothe the nervous system and bring stillness to the mind. Enjoy the feeling of letting go and rebalance your energy and wellbeing. Gain a better understanding about guided relaxation and poses to apply in your classes. No previous yoga experience required.