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AFLCA Group Exercise Certification

Steps to AFLCA Group Exercise Specialty Leader Certification

Candidates have 1 year to complete certification from their initial Exercise Theory exam.
Candidates have 1 year to complete the Exercise Theory exam from the course date.

Step 1: Complete the AFLCA Exercise Theory course

*Complete Exercise Theory Course Evaluation

Step 2: Complete (or challenge) the AFLCA Exercise Theory Exam

Review and register exam registration guidelines

Step 3: Choose an AFLCA Specialization:

Group Exercise Leadership:

Group Exercise Fundamentals and Designation Courses,

Resistance Exercise Courses,

Aquatic Exercise Courses,

Fitness for the Older Adult Courses,

Personal Training:

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Note: If completing Group Exercise Fundamentals, completion of a minimum of one Designation course is required for certification.

*Complete Specialty &/or Designation Course Evaluation

Step 4: Complete the AFLCA Specialization Exam

Review and register exam registration guidelines

Step 5: Complete a Practical Assessment

*Overseen by an AFLCA Trainer or Assistant Trainer
* Practical Assessment Forms

NOTE: Practical Assessments must be completed in the area of specialty and/or designation completed.

Step 6: Submit Certification Documents

Certification packages must include the following:

Registration Online

AFLCA Online Registration

Registration Form

AFLCA Certification Form


  • Available CPR Courses
  • CPR MUST BE RENEWED ANNUALLY and must be current within one year from the date of issue
  • Online CPR training is NOT accepted.

Send your completed package to:

Provincial Fitness Unit
Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road 3rd Floor
Edmonton AB T5M 3K6

Note: Fees apply for the certification requirements: course registration, exam registration, practical assessments, CPR, and certification.

AFLCA Certification has been the standard for Alberta exercise professionals for more than thirty years. As a not-for-profit organization we work closely with post-secondary institutions, government and industry to develop standards that are safe, accessible and that work in the Alberta marketplace.

Professional Guidelines

If you are unable to complete certification within the timeline Click Here

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