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About the Provincial Fitness Unit

Certification for Exercise Professionals – The AFLCA

Established in 1982, we fulfill our mandate through advocacy and the activities of the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA), Fitness Alberta™.

Our certified AFLCA fitness practitioners work in more than 200 Alberta communities and their programs reach over 600,000 Albertans each year.

The Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association was established in 1984 to provide standards evidence-informed training, best practice and certification to exercise and fitness professionals in Alberta.

We offer a range of certifications from group exercise to personal training, and specializations to support qualified exercise professionals. Read more about how to certified.

As the flagship organization of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance, we partner with sister organizations across Canada to ensure consistent standards, best practice and transferability for exercise professionals. The NFLA is the first north American physical activity accreditation organization to be accepted into the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals, ICREPs. is the NFLA supported, ICREPs-endorsed register for qualified exercise professionals in Alberta. The Canadian system of registers for qualified exercise professionals, recognized by ICREPs, is coordinated by the NFLA. The AFLCA is an active member of the NFLA.

Support – Affiliations

The Provincial Fitness Unit is proudly supported by the Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism and the Status of Women, RPAD – Recreation and Physical Activity Division. We are the founding member of the National Fitness Leadership Association, an internationally recognized register of over 10,000 Canadian exercise professionals and member of ICREPs.

Why Certification?

Research in the health sector has consistently proven that the more education a health provider has, the better the outcome for the client.

Through the years, our standards have evolved as knowledge about health and fitness has grown.

What has remained constant is the need for a high level of evidence-informed knowledge for fitness professionals, and a level of certification to maintain quality and safety in the delivery of fitness and physical activity services to Albertans.