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News from March 2014

New AFLCA Late Recertification Policy begins June 1, 2014!

March 27, 2014

Be sure to get your recertification documents in on time! Keep your professional credentials up to date and your insurance valid. Don’t hesitate and Don’t be late!
To better serve the membership and industry, the AFLCA has developed the new late policy to assist with the recertification process. The new policy and late fees will be in effect June 1 so don’t delay, recertify today!

Late Recertification Policy
• Expired within one month from your expiry date – no late fees required as we provide you with this member-service-good-will-grace-period to gather and complete your recertification documents, but please note that you have NO insurance nor certification when you expire.
• Expired longer than 1 month to 6 months – payment of a $50 late fee required in addition to the $140 recertification fee.
• Expired longer than 6 months to 1 year – payment of $100 required in addition to the $140 recertifcation fee.
• Expired longer than 1 year – challenge applicable exams, complete a practical assessment and other certification requirements.

****Once you are expired please note that your certification is expired and your insurance is not valid.
Note: All recertification documents will need to be submitted with the appropriate fees included.

Enjoy the many Benefits of Certification
• Discounts on AFLCA and Provincial Fitness Unit conferences and workshops
• Personal Liability Insurance
• National and International Recognition and Transferability
• Profile on the Fitdirectory.ca – the official registry of exercise professionals in Alberta
• Fitness Informer magazine subscription
• Access to Enews bulletins
• And more!

Top Five Reasons to Save the Date for Fit Rendezvous 2014

March 12, 2014

Two full days of sessions and lectures, covering all specializations, streams and aspects of the fitness business. From mind-body to how to expand your skills as an entrepreneur, Fit Rendezvous leaves no professional wanting. Fit Rendezvous also includes pre-conference sessions and an industry trade show offering the best deals of the year.

Here’s the top 5 reasons to mark your calendars and join us May 23 – 25 at Fit Rendezvous 2014

Reason #1
An internationally recognized team of presenters:

  • Anthony Carey
  • Michol Dalcourt
  • Jessica Power Cyr
  • Krista Popowych
  • Marjorie O’Connor
  • Helen Vanderburg

. . . and many more!

Reason #2

A powerful professional development experience in ALL streams:

  • Personal Training from the theory to the application
  • Athletics: H.I.I.T., Ninja Bootcamp, SCAT Training
  • Aquatics: Salsa Splash, Aqua Flow, H.I.I.T Deep
  • Group Fitness: Step, Kick Box, Metabolic Mash up, 3-D Vitality
  • Mind-Body, Yoga, Pilates, Barre Flow
  • Leadership, Lifestyle Coaching, Social Media Tips

Reason #3

A complete all inclusive package:

  • Full complement of CEC’s to recertify
  • 2 Days of dynamic, high energy, and inspiring sessions
  • Lunch included both days

Reason #4

One outstanding program and a whole lot of toys:

  • ViPR
  • MoveBall
  • Equalizer and Buddy Training System
  • Barre

Reason #5

Fit Rendezvous NEVER disappoints!

  • Mind Body Bootcamp
  • Movement Variability – Training the Human Software
  • In the Zone . . . the Lactate Threshold Training Zone
  • Explore, Expand, and Excel as a Fitness Entrepreneur: What’s Your Expert E.D.G.E.?
  • Loaded Movement Training: Moving Effectively for Sport and Life
  • Turbulence Training
  • ReH.I.I.T. Interval Training . . . and much more!

Save the dates! Registration details coming soon.

March is Nutrition Month

March 11, 2014

Every year in March, dietitians across the country remind us of the importance of healthy eating! This March the Dietitians of Canada’s campaign is entitled Simply Get Cooking, and chock full of resources to help develop good daily nutrition habits to go along with your active lifestyle!

Here are some tasty recipes to help you get started on healthy cooking, and some excellent information from Alberta Milk’s blog, easy. tasty. healthy.

Delta Lodge Kananaskis booking open for Perspectives Conference

March 11, 2014

The Delta Lodge Kananaskis is open for room booking for the Perspectives in Exercise, Health and Fitness Conference, November 7 through 9, 2014.

It is always wise to book early as this conference has been known to sell out!

So, book your room NOW! Delta

Or call 1–866-432–4322 and quote group code PE1106

This biennial conference is unique in Canada. Perspectives brings together exercise science and leading practice, and is geared for exercise professionals who want to practice at the top of the industry standard.

Perspectives Conference Event details

2014 Physical Activity Forum Coming Soon!

March 11, 2014

Register for Edmonton May 6, or Calgary May 7 at www.centre4activeliving.ca

Don’t miss out; plan your calendar and save by registering early.
$35 by April 11th ($45 after April 11th)

Get Up, Stand Up: A public health perspective on sedentary behaviour

Speaker: Dr John C Spence, Professor and Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation, University of Alberta

A growing body of research is accumulating on the topic of sedentary behaviour. Some recent evidence suggests that the health effects of this behaviour may be independent of physical activity. The implications of such findings could present some challenges to the standard physical activity health promotion campaigns and initiatives. In this presentation, Dr. Spence will clarify some definitional issues, describe the determinants of sedentary behaviour, and engage the audience in helping to identify potential interventions/solutions.

Presented by the Alberta Centre for Active Living.

To register visit: www.centre4activeliving.ca