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AFLCA Recertification

Group Exercise, Aquatic Exercise, Fitness for the Older Adult & Resistance Training Leaders Recertification Package & Forms

Print off and complete the forms for recertification.

- Submit your complete package to the AFLCA office via mail or email to
NOTE: incomplete packages will be returned via mail

CPR Certification MUST be current, recertified every year, regardless of the expiry date printed on card.

AFLCA Specialty Leader Recertification Requirements

  • recertification is required every 2 years
  • attend and complete an 8 hour recertification course or obtain 12 AFLCA approved continuing education credits: Course Listing
  • complete a Practical Assessment with an AFLCA Trainer / Assistant Trainer
  • maintain CPR (MUST be current within 1 year from the date of issue (minimum Level A) CPR Provider Listing
  • recertification fees: $140.00 total (for one or more specialties)

*CEC’s can be obtained by attending conferences or workshops, on-line courses, AFLCA modules or other AFLCA certifications or designation courses.

To obtain AFLCA CEC approval for courses that are not pre-approved, please complete and send in the AFLCA continuing education credit petition application

** PLEASE NOTE: Leaders are required to complete two practical assessments per Specialty (the initial assessment submitted for Certification and one 2 years later for recertification). After the second assessment leaders are exempt from further practical assessments. If leaders choose to have additional practical assessments they will receive two continuing education credits toward recertification.

Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) Recertification Requirements

  • recertification is required annually by May 31st
  • complete 20 credits of professional development every second year following date of original certification
  • current CPR – Level C or HCP
  • Standard First Aid
  • 2016/17 recertification fees – $145.00

Certified Fitness Trainers may recertify online – click the link below:
* Recertify online

- OR -

CFTs may print, complete, and e-mail, fax, or mail the CFT Recertification documents:

*Certified Fitness Trainer Recertification Package

  • Fax: 780–455-2264
  • Mail:
    Provincial Fitness Unit
    Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton AB
    T6G 2H9

Late Recertification Policy

In the event you are unable to complete your AFLCA re-certification on or before the expiry date, late packages may be accepted under the following conditions:

  • Expired within one month from your expiry date – no late fees required as we provide you with this grace-period to gather and complete your recertification documents, but please note that you have NO insurance nor certification when you expire
  • Expired longer than 1 month to 6 months – payment of a $50 late fee required in addition to the $140 recertification fee.
  • Expired longer than 6 months to 1 year – payment of $100 required in addition to the $140 recertification fee.
  • Expired longer than 1 year – challenge applicable exams, complete a practical assessment and other certification requirements.

Please note that until your completed re-certification package is received (in full) by our office; your AFLCA certification and insurance are not considered valid. Please include the applicable late fee to avoid any further delay in receiving your documents.

AFLCA Insurance

Upon Recertification, leaders will have automatic Personal Liability insurance coverage.

This coverage will provide $2 million general liability insurance.

Practicing within the scope of practice outlined by the AFLCA ensures that you are covered.

For additional information, review the AFLCA Leader Scope of Practice and/or the Certified Fitness Trainer Scope of Practice

Need an AFLCA Trainer, Assistant Trainer or CFT Examiner?

AFLCA Trainers are qualified to run AFLCA courses. Trainers and Assistant Trainers provide Practical Assessments and CFT Examiners administer Practical Exams.

Current List of AFLCA Trainers, Assistant Trainers & CFT Examiners

Professional Development

Our courses and workshops provide professional development for all exercise and fitness professionals. Visit our CEC and Recertification Course page for professional development and educational opportunities open to everyone.

Recertification Course Evaluation

Don’t forget to complete your Course Evaluation