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While the Exercise Theory course is a prerequisite to the Specialty courses, Exercise Theory and Specialty exams may be written at the same exam sitting.

  • All written AFLCA exams have a minimum passing requirement of 80%.

Successful completion of both types of exams are required before Certification may be awarded.

Exam fees apply to all exams. There are NO refunds for exams, including exam sittings not attended.

  • You must register a minimum of two weeks prior to the exam date.
  • You may register for up to two exams in one sitting (does not apply to CFT Theory – one exam per sitting).

To reschedule an exam, re-register on the online store and select the deferred exam option for $15.

Registration Information

*Please note – registration for exams will only be processed with a valid course reference number and course completion.”

1. Determine what type of exam you are writing:

a) Initial exam (post-course)

b) Supplemental exam (rewrite)

c) Deferred exam (rescheduling)

d) Challenge exam (educational pre-requisites required)

a) Initial exam: You’ve completed an AFLCA certification course and are registering for an initial post-course exam

  • Your course reference number is required for exam registration – refer to your certification bookmark.

b) Supplemental exam: You were unsuccessful on your previous exam attempt(s) and are registering for a supplemental exam

  • You have up to two supplemental exam attempts.

Note: After the third attempt, you will be required to take the appropriate AFLCA course prior to writing the exam again.

c) Deferred exam: You are rescheduling an exam and are registering for a deferred exam

  • Please note that your timeline begins on the first Exercise Theory exam date that you registered for regardless of attendance.

d) Challenge exam: You have prior learning, education, or training and are registering to challenge an exam
*Challenging allows you to bypass one or more AFLCA certification courses and move directly to the exam. Please review the qualification and requirements to challenge into the AFLCA.

  • Required documentation must accompany your exam registration.

** The applicable course manual is not included in your fee, but is available for purchase here

2. Decide where and when you would like to write the exam:

If you require an Independent Exam Sitting, please refer to the guidelines and requirements that must be followed for this type of exam to occur Independent Exam Sittings

3. Register for the exam:

Click for Exam Registration

4. Receive your exam results:

*Exam results will be confidentially e-mailed to you, 2 – 4 weeks following your exam sitting. Marks will not be provided over the phone.

Results are final and cannot be discussed.

5. Submit your completed exam registration and documentation:

Study for your exam:

For more information on the exam registration process, please contact us.