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While the Exercise Theory course is a prerequisite to the Specialty courses, Exercise Theory and Specialty exams may be written at the same exam sitting.

  • All written AFLCA exams have a minimum passing requirement of 80%.
  • Successful completion of both types of exams are required before Certification may be awarded.
  • Exam fees apply to all exams.

*There are NO refunds for exams, including exam sittings not attended.

Registration Information

1. Determine what type of exam you are writing:

a) Initial exam (post-course completion)
* You’ve completed an AFLCA certification course and are registering for an initial exam

b) Supplemental exam (rewrite)
* You were unsuccessful on your previous exam attempt(s) and are registering for a supplemental exam
* You have up to two supplemental exam attempts.
* Note: After the third attempt, you will be required to take the appropriate AFLCA course prior to writing
again or can challenge the exam.

c) Deferred exam (rescheduling)
* You are rescheduling an exam and are registering for a deferred exam.

d) Challenge exam (educational prerequisites required)
* You have prior learning, education, or training and are registering to challenge an exam
* Challenging allows you to bypass one or more AFLCA certification courses and move directly to the exam.
* Please review the qualification and requirements to challenge into the AFLCA
* Supporting documentation must accompany your exam registration.

*Note: Course manuals and study guides are not included in the exam fee(s) but are available for purchase here.

2. Decide where and when you would like to write the exam:

  • Please select a location from the 6 available options and a date exam locations and dates.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with details of the exam sitting 1 – 2 weeks before the scheduled date.
  • Note: If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled exam dates, you can register for an Independent
    * There is an administration fee of $75.00
    * 3 weeks noticed is required
    * You are responsible to locate an AFLCA Trainer or an Alberta Vocational College Proctor to assist with these arrangements (fees may apply for their services).

3. Register for the exam:

Click here to Register for your exam(s) through the online store
  • You may register for up to two exams in one sitting (does not apply to CFT Theory).
  • You must register a minimum of two weeks prior to the exam date.
  • Registration for exams will only be processed with a valid course reference number and course completion.

4. Receive your exam results:

  • Exam results will be confidentially e-mailed to you within 2 – 4 weeks following the exam sitting.
  • Marks will not be provided over the phone.
  • Results are final and cannot be discussed.
  • Keep record of your exam results to include with your documentation for certification

Preparing for your Exam

Additional Resources

For more information on the exam registration process, please contact us.