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Cycle Designation

A minimum 8 hour course covering topics specific to leading group exercise cycling classes. This practical based course will cover specific information for planning and developing recreational indoor cycling classes. Topics include: bike set-up and safety, pedaling, cadence, posture, class structure and content; class components, music, leadership and choreography design; movement combinations, cardiovascular conditioning, instruction and cueing.

For AFLCA Certification Information

Group Exercise Fundamentals With Cycle

Date Location Contact Phone Fee


Cycle Designations Only

Date Location Contact Phone Fee
June 16, 2019 Heavens Fitness (Calgary) Brenda Stroud 403–263-3113 $110.00
September 29, 2019 Fit International (Edmonton) Marjorie O’Connor 780–466-5501 $135.00
September 29, 2019 Red Deer College Registration (School of Con Ed) Register after July 1 $110.25
October 6, 2019 Heavens Fitness (Calgary) Brenda Stroud 403–828-0598 $110.00