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For more information on available courses contact the Provincial Fitness Unit of Alberta.

Please note – courses may be cancelled – based on the AFLCA Trainer’s discretion.


AFLCA Certification Courses

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All AFLCA certifications and renewals require annual CPR training. On-line CPR courses are not accepted.

  • CPR – Level A (minimum) is required for AFLCA Leader certification
  • CPR – Level C or Health Care Provider (HCP) is required for AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainers
  • all CPR training must be renewed ANNUALLY and issue date must not be more than 1 year prior
  • CPR is directly tied to the AFLCA professional liability insurance coverage and must not be allowed to lapse during your certification period

CPR Courses and Locations

First Aid

AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer accreditation and renewals require active, valid Standard First Aid Training at time of certification and with all subsequent renewals.

First Aid Courses and Locations

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