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The AFLCA offers certification to become a recognized exercise professional in the fitness industry. Our certifications are based on research, tailored for Alberta’s thriving exercise and health marketplace, and provide personal liability insurance coverage.

We are nationally and internationally affiliated (through the National Fitness Leadership Alliance. This ensures leading practice, career portability and professional recognition for your certification.

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Why should I earn my Certification?

Certification ensures a high standard of quality and consistent delivery of programs and services to participants across the fitness industry. AFLCA certification ensures that you are among the best and most highly qualified in your profession.* Why wouldn’t you become certified?

Benefits of Certification

  • Industry recognition as a highly qualified exercise professional
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • listing on, Alberta’s registry for exercise professionals. Read more about our role as registry
  • National portability
  • Ongoing professional development and networking
  • monthly E-news and updates
  • conference and workshop discounts
  • Fitness Informer on-line magazine
  • Peer recognition, AFLCA Excellence Awards)
  • Job postings

2,000 plus active members

Over the last 30 years, the Provincial Fitness Unit has certified over 30,000 fitness professionals. Currently we provide support to over 2,000 certified fitness providers, across Alberta. These are people who are passionate about active healthy living, and educating people to adopt an active lifestyle. They are at work right now teaching Albertans how to adopt healthy lifestyles forever.