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AFLCA Course Descriptions

Exercise Theory—A minimum 24 hour course covering basic fitness principles and a variety of activity experiences. Course topics include: anatomy, physiology, movement mechanics, training and conditioning, nutrition, leadership and health and fitness.

Group Exercise Fundamentals—A minimum 12 hour course covering topics specific to leading group exercise classes. Topics included are: leadership, trends and media, history, legal responsibility and accountability, class components, music, movement and cueing, developing movement combinations, exercise analysis, and special populations. This course may be combined with a designation course such as Choreography, Step, Cycle, Portable Equipment or Mind/Body. Designation Course Descriptions

Aquatic Exercise Specialty—A 20-hour course covering topics specific to leading exercise classes in an aquatic environment. Topics covered include use of equipment, pool organization, principles of water, effects on body movement, safety in the water environment, use of music and special populations.

Fitness for the Older Adult Specialty—A 20-hour course covering topics specific to leading exercise classes for the aging population. This course provides an overview of the changes that occur in the body as it ages and the considerations required when planning and leading fitness classes for older adults. Topics covered include nutrition, physiology of aging, sociology of aging, common disorders and risk management.

Resistance Training Specialty—A 20-hour course covering topics specific to leading resistance based exercise classes, introductory weight training programs, monitoring fitness centre, and/or weight room orientation. Topics covered include techniques and precautions, exercise analysis, design, anatomy program design, safety considerations, training methods, resistance training with women, older adults and youth.