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AFLCA Education Series

Let 2020 be a new year of learning and growth for you – the exercise professional. Continuing education is an important part of staying current and keeping your classes and sessions engaging.

AFLCA is excited to launch a series of four professional development workshops in Edmonton and Calgary designed to help you stay engaged and up to date with new information, research, and industry trends.

Check out the hot topics and professional development sessions the AFLCA has planned!

Worth: 3 AFLCA Credits per workshop
Times: 12:30 – 3:30 p.m
In-person workshop cost: $60 + GST
ONLINE June workshop cost: $45 for AFLCA members, $55 non-AFLCA members (+GST)

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Edmonton Workshops

June 13 – Integrating Mindfulness into All Movement (ONLINE workshop) – Anita Parker

Mindful movement has its roots in yoga and tai chi, but mindfulness can be integrated into any type of physical activity from gentle to high performance, in a group exercise or personal training environment, whether in the studio, on a spin bike, or elsewhere. In this session, we’ll sort through research and trends, discussing the “what” and “why bother” of mindful movement. Then, we’ll get moving (mindfully, of course) with portable equipment and body weight to build a toolbox of strategies, cues, and ideas. You’ll leave with tired muscles, a focused yet calm mind, and a Monday-morning ready workout in hand.

September 20 – Creative Choreography “FUN”damentals – Jennifer Potocnik

Fitness classes are a great way for people to have fun, reduce stress, achieve goals and improve their health all at the same time. Both cardiovascular and strength-based choreographed group fitness classes continue to be a strong fitness trend. Moving to music and rhythms can have a positive effect on a participant’s motivation, effort and results, and it also encourages personal expression and social connection. In this 3-hour session, you will explore fitness musicality fundamentals and learn how to develop and integrate creative music-based choreography into your classes in a safe, balanced and effective way. This session will include both a theoretical and practical component, so you can leave with some new choreography to add to your classes right away.

November 15 – Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes: How Corrective Exercise Can Promote Better Movement and Injury Prevention – Lisa Workman

Join Lisa for an enlightening, head to toes discussion of how to help your participants move better through corrective exercise. Benefiting from your keen eyes, active listening skills, verbal cueing and expert knowledge, your participants will gain insight into how their bodies can function well to prevent injury and/or return to exercise post-injury. This workshop will review major muscles, joints, and their actions to ensure you are ready to help your participants succeed.

Calgary Workshops

June 14 – Form + Focus = Function (ONLINE workshop) – Helen Vanderburg

Functional training has been trending as a major fitness movement for a decade. Learn how to design functional training exercises programs with no equipment through a distinctive system of training excellent exercise form. Learn techniques to enhance focus to give your clients more in each workout. Impeccable form and focus leads to enhanced function. 

September 27 – Stress Management for the Fitness Professional – Lisa Daroux-Cole and
Note: this workshop will be from 12:30 – 4:00 p.m. (3.5 CECs)

Getting the Most out of your Participants – Randi MacFarlane

Get the most from your participants and yourself! Everyone needs a little push now and then to stay engaged, inspired, and motivated. In this workshop, through theory and practical, you will have the opportunity to explore and discover various motivational concepts and tools which can be used in all fitness disciplines. Learn how to motivate your participants while staying engaged and motivated yourself. *There will be a practical component so please wear appropriate attire.

November 22 – Mindfulness Stretching – Lana Asuchak

Stretching and moving mindfully throughout the day is key for long-term health and happier bodies. It helps improve overall flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, balance and postural awareness, plus you will look young and feel vibrant at any age! Lana will provide a variety of rhythmical stretching and mindfulness techniques that can be easily incorporated into your workout routines and help you throughout the day. Learn how to integrate bands and bodyweight to move your body in a multi-planar and mindful way. With increased breath and body awareness, walk away with tools to assist you to be more focused and present in every moment.

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