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AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer

The AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer accreditation includes:

  • The option of $2 million or $5 million liability insurance coverage
  • Provincial, National & International recognition
  • Additions to insurance coverage for employer(s)
  • Fitness Informer e-magazine articles
  • listing
  • Local, regional conferences and workshops at DISCOUNTED MEMBER ONLY RATES for continued professional development
  • AFLCA CFT Scope of Practice

Steps to become an AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer

Option 1:

Current Certified Personal Trainer with another recognized organization

Option 2:

Challenge the CFT exam based on Educational Prerequisites

Students currently enrolled in a two or four year program at a recognized University or College, participating in a faculty such as Physical Education, Kinesiology, Personal Fitness Training, or related program may be eligible to proceed directly to the Exercise Theory and CFT Exams.

Option 3:

Current Certified AFLCA Resistance Training Leaders

Those certified for a minimum of 2 years, and after completing their first recertification, are eligible to:

Option 4:

No existing certification, or educational prerequisites

  • Step 1 = Complete the AFLCA Exercise Theory course, and subsequent exam
  • Step 2 = Complete the AFLCA Resistance Training specialty certification
  • Step 3 = Maintain Resistance Training certification for a minimum of 2 years
  • Step 4 = Complete first Resistance Training recertification
  • Step 5 = Challenge the Certified Fitness Trainer Theory exam
  • Step 6 = Contact a CFT examiner to complete your CFT Practical exam
  • Step 7 = Submit documentation for certification online or use the CFT Certification Registration form
  • Submit documentation for certification including CPR and Standard First Aid

Please send general inquiries to:

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AFLCA Certified Fitness Trainer provides an accessible, affordable option for fitness professionals who want to design and provide safe, effective one-on-one fitness programs.

The AFLCA is a not-for-profit organization, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism RPAD – Recreation and Physical Activity Division and the University of Alberta. With over thirty years of experience in fitness certification, AFLCA provides certification you can trust.

We are also a member of the National Fitness Leadership Alliance, AFLCA CFT certification is transferable across Canada.