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AFLCA Certification

Certifying with the AFLCA:

Group Exercise Leadership Certification

Group Exercise with Designations: Choreography, Portable Equipment, Step, Cycle, Mind Body
Aquatic Exercise
Resistance Training
Fitness for the Older Adult

Steps to become a Group Exercise Leader

Personal Training – Certified Fitness Trainer

The Certified Fitness Trainer accreditation provides individuals with the education and knowledge to design safe, effective programs for personal training with your clients.

Steps to become a Certified Fitness Trainer

Become an AFLCA Training Agency

Learn about the benefits and offer AFLCA Certification courses

Training Agency information

Recertification requirements

AFLCA certified exercise professionals are required to keep their knowledge and credentials current by completing continuing education credits and maintaining CPR. The Provincial Fitness Unit and the AFLCA host conferences, courses and workshops to help you remain certified.

AFLCA Recertification Information

The Provincial Fitness Unit currently supports over 2,000 AFLCA certified exercise professionals across Alberta.