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Be Fit For Life

What is the Be Fit for Life Network?

Be Fit For Life Network centre programs are run through nine college and university campuses across Alberta. We provide services, education and resources to encourage Albertans to be physically active. At school, work, home or in your community we will work with you to support a program or initiative that fits your needs and resources.

As a program of the Provincial Fitness Unit, we are a member of the Alberta Active Living Partners, a group of 14 partners who collaborate through programs, services, research, and advocacy to help Albertans be physically active.

The Be Fit For Life Network aligns their programs with the Active Alberta Policy. The Network’s work in promoting physical activity to Albertans links closely with the following outcomes: Active Albertans, Active Communities, Active Outdoors, Active Engagement, and an Active Coordinated System.

Be Fit For Life School Programs

Be Fit For Life in the Workplace

Be Fit For Life Community Programs

BFFL Network Highlights 2013/14

We are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism RPAD – Recreation and Physical Activity Division

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