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AFLCA Courses

For more information or to register for specific courses, please contact the agency or contact directly.

If you are looking for a course which is not listed, please let us know:

Modules and community programs include:

  • Ever Active Kids
  • Arthritis and Exercise on-line CEC
  • Career and Technology Studies (CTS)
  • Functional Independence Training
  • Aquatic Tether Training

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Need an AFLCA Trainer, Assistant Trainer or CFT Examiner?

AFLCA Trainers are qualified to run AFLCA courses. Trainers and Assistant Trainers provide Practical Assessments and CFT Examiners administer Practical Exams.

Current List of AFLCA Trainers, Assistant Trainers & CFT Examiners

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For more information on your scope of ability as an exercise professional access the AFLCA Performance Standards.